DIY Biz Tips Startup Deal!


1 Get Your Professional Email

Your email address will be the business hub of your company. Choose the address well- once it’s set up with Google, you can’t change it. Try to keep it simple, but reflect your company name. We’ll have tips later about getting a vanity email address ([email protected]), but having a good gmail address helps with sharing documents easily in your Google drive.



4:44 Minute Video – Quick summary: Go to Google and get a free account with your business name. Follow the instructions onscreen. It’s Easy!
10:45 Minutes – Quick Summary: GO TO SITEGROUND  and sign-up for web hosting- you’ll get a free domain name when you sign up! For most people, the Startup or Grow Big package is fine. If you plan on a lot of images, video, or traffic- Get the larger Go Geek package.

2 Get Hosting

Every business needs a website- and it’s not a huge decision or expensive endeavor! What is expensive is trying to buy your desired domain name from another person later on. If they’ve invested much into the domain name at all, they’re unlikely to give it up. Getting your domain name and hosting package locks that domain name into you, and also protects the domain name from being taken. You don’t need to build the site now, but it IS in your best interest, and WordPress makes it easy. You can work on your own site, or pay a service like ours to develop it for you. Quality and price vary greatly, so choose a developer you trust or who was recommended highly by a source you trust.


The Bare Bones

True DIY Biz
  • One year membership to
  • Premium Theme Included
  • You design your own site
  • Build your own pages
  • Site backup and recovery setup
  • Social Media Integration
  • Logo design and branding package
  • Business Card Design
  • 3 45 minute sessions for training or consulting

The Executive Package

Startup Concierge Services
  • THREE year membership to
  • Premium Theme Included
  • Up to 12 pages Professionally designed
  • 20 day site turnaround
  • Site backup and recovery setup
  • Social Media Integration
  • Logo design and branding package
  • Business Card Design
  • 3 45 minute sessions for training or consulting


Our designers have over 40 years combined experience in design and business, with emphasis on startups and energetic entrepreneurs. We love a fresh, new idea!


Rob Schwartz, our founder, is a best-selling author, internationally recognized speaker, and expert in design, creativity, and business tech strategy. He oversees every single project personally.


We enjoy our work designing, training, and consulting- and we’re unabashedly committed to loving life. Our training and design style is casual, but committed to excellence… FUN excellence!
What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. Simply sign up for OUR HOSTING PACKAGE as recommended in the video above. We make a small commission for the lead generation and that’s covering your membership to for the first year, AND we don’t need to wrestle with bad hosting packages to rescue your site from a “bargain” host. 
The site is just beginning to launch, so early adopters will have their memberships extended until EVERYTHING needed to start and run your own business and manage your email and website is up on the site! This means that early adopters may receive additional months of membership to our site as we begin. But it DOES include early access to the site until then. We expect the site done by June 2016- with much of the information done before this- but everything needed to get going will be live by then. After June, prices will go up and we will just keep adding new DIY Business tips for startups and entrepreneurs.